plymouth, California

www . rancho cicada retreat . com

Rancho Cicada is a former family camp on the banks of the Consumnes River. It's a beautiful site on 44 acres of land in Gold Country. 

The native Mi-Wok Indians had a large fall season encampment on the site, which is evident from all the riverside grinding rocks. Speaking of the river, bring your bathing suits for jumping in and out of the waters. And the hot tub. Eat lots of food, drink icy beers in the sun, throw horseshoes, go swimming, take a hike, lounge on the lawn, sleep in a hammock. It's like being at summer camp again, except you're an adult (well, most of you; technically). 

We'll be casual until the ceremony, so think outdoor river chic. But come ceremony, we're going to look pretty, so you should too. A note - heels might not be the way to go. The wedding is on the grass!

We're really stoked to see you. We know a lot of folks have come from pretty far away to get here, and we're deeply appreciative and grateful that you've made it both to the left coast, and then into the woods. 

All our love, we can't wait.