You. You're staying on-site with us. There are both cabins and tents, and each unit either has a double bed, or two single beds. There are also a few tents without beds. We'll be assigning you where you're going to sleep, and we'll let you know in a special personal type way what you might need. The easy thing to remember is if you're staying in a tent - bring bedding, or a sleeping bag, and a pillow. Or a stuff sack filled with your clothes if you're going ultra-light. In general, act like you're camping, bring a headlamp, but don't dig a hole and poop in the woods. There are bathrooms (see section 3).



Aside from hiking, swimming, and lounging on the premises, there are reading decks, fire pits and a hot tub. Also a horseshoe pit, but no horseshoes. Bonus points to whomever brings lawn games.



Shared clean bathrooms with sinks and showers. Bring towels and toiletries. We'll have some extras there too. Neither the cabins nor the tents have individual bathrooms. Also, taking showers is optional; there's a lot of swimming to be done in the river, and that's basically like taking a shower. Except don't use soap in the river, even Dr. Bronners. It's bad, no matter who tells you otherwise.



There is a communal kitchen with cold and dry storage, a large range, cookware, plates and utensils. The piped water on site is potable. Three square meals will be provided for you Friday night through Sunday morning, but by all means bring your favorite snacks and drinks to share. The kitchen won't be accessible much starting Saturday afternoon, but you'll be having a blast.



FREE! We invite you to come camp and party with us and it's free once you get yourselves here. This is a barn raising, and at some point you can lend a hand to help things come together.